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Prehistoric & Geology

Combined : LASCAUX + The Parc of Thot

Lascaux and the Parc of Thot at a special price ! 

Combined : LASCAUX + The Parc of Thot
the International Center for Cave Art

A visit of Lascaux, The International Center for Cave Art : plan your visit of Lascaux (commonly called Lascaux IV) in the language you want.

LASCAUX, <br /> the International Center for Cave Art
The Lascaux II cave

Discover the Lascaux II cave during a 1h30 guided tour in small groups. 

The Lascaux II cave
The Thot Park

Visit the Thot Park !
Entertainment, workshop for kids, sensory experience, animal park…
Try the experience !

The Thot Park
Le Grand Roc Cave and the Laugerie-Basse rock shelter

Le Grand Roc is a concretion cave of a rare density and with a stunning variety of crystallization ! Nearby you can also visit the Laugerie-Basse shelter, a testimony of human presence between 15.000 and 10.000 B.C.

Le Grand Roc Cave and the Laugerie-Basse rock shelter
Lascaux + The Thot Park + Laugerie-Basse

3 sites at a special price !

Lascaux Privilege Card

Unlimited entries for Lascaux and the Thot park for one year !

Combined : Le Grand Roc + Laugerie-Basse

Grand Roc + Laugerie-Basse at a discounted price

Discovery worshops at Le parc du Thot

Both young and olds can initiate to Cro-Magnon’s skills and techniques !

Offer Lascaux !

Offer a visit of Lascaux to your friends, relatives...

Medieval & Renaissance

Château de Bourdeilles

Former barony of the Perigord. 2 castles of different periods built on a fortified bank : a medieval fortress and a Renaissance palace with finely decorated rooms.

Château de Bourdeilles
Château de Biron

An outstanding architectural site (12th-18th C.) particulary attractive. A prestigious witness of the greatness and the power of the Gontaud-Biron family, owners of the castle for over eight hundred years.

Château de Biron
Cloister of Cadouin

Cadouin is a cistercian abbey founded in 1115. Monastic activity came to an end in 1790. It is a masterpiece of the flamboyant gothic art, listed as World Heritage by UNESCO among the paths of Santiago de Compostela.

Cloister of Cadouin
Combined : Château de Biron + Cloître de Cadouin

2 sites : reduced price