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Montignac, Lascaux...and you !

Posté le 23 June 2016 par L'équipe Lascaux

Montignac Town Hall wants you !

Montignac Town Hall wants you !

The idea is to collect documents (images, comments, videos etc.) about Lascaux.

The cave’s discovery on September 12th 1940 in the heart of rural France was seen as a miracle among locals.

This discovery naturally led to another miracle: Montignac became a destination and must-see to visit the cave!
As well as archives, videos and official photos detailing the town and site’s expansion, there are memories buried in the cellars and attics of those who were there when it happened…

A social aspect…

The idea is to physically or digitally store all the private archives collected to create a documentary resource based on the collective memory of Lascaux (participatory heritage) in the local archives.

A scientific aspect…

Scientific events will be held for an ethnological insight into heritage. Why not make the most of the event to find out more about your treasures ?

The "collection" created by Montignac Town Hall will then go on show in town scheduled for 2017. The exhibition will be held before, during and may even expand with time after the exhibition. Keep the “Lascaux Experience” alive for longer from the original cave to the village and locals…

Get rummaging through your cellars and attics... Happy digging !!!


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