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"We’re on the home run !"

Posté le 01 July 2016 par L'équipe Lascaux

Interview with the artistic and production director at Atelier des Fac Similés du Périgord

Francis Ringenbach is a trained draughtsman, renowned self-taught sculptor and what we call a “Lascaux enthusiast”. Art runs through his veins and he’s been the artistic and production director at Atelier des Fac Similés du Périgord since 2004.

What’s happening with the facsimiles since March 3rd (the date of the press conference presenting the first walls to be installed on the building site) ?

"Everything’s finally on-site! The 53 walls made in the AFSP workshops are now permanently installed at the Montignac Lascaux International Centre."

But it’s far from over. What work is going on in the different parts of the building site ?

"You’re right, the artists still have much to do! All the prep work we did in the workshops (paintings, mouldings etc.) was just the first stage. Our next task is to “polish” the final details on the walls (joints, assembly, overall look etc.)

We need to be off-site by the late September so it’s a tight deadline! We need to work area by area according to individual schedules…We’ll tweak the finishing touches (including the lighting) before a panel of experts approve it.

We’re on the home run !"


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