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5 great reasons to visit Lascaux !

Posté le 18 July 2016 par L'équipe Lascaux

There are lots of... but here are our top 5

There are lots of good reasons to visit Lascaux but here are our top 5

Lascaux continues to fascinate people over 75 years after being discovered and over half a century after being closed to the public.

Here are the top 5 reasons why…


Go back to your roots !

Man made his mark in Lascaux 20,000 years ago
Lascaux is an international symbol of the first cave art discoveries. It is one of the 20th century’s most important archaeological projects due to its artistic, anthropological and emotional features. Go back to your roots and experience artistic expression, human intelligence and a vision of the world. Get to grips with mankind, history and everyday life.

Get a combi ticket !

Book tickets for Le Thot and Lascaux II for great rates !

Make the experience last longer with a combi ticket to visit a second site at a discounted rate !

On the one hand there’s Le Thot’s fun and technical take on cave art: its facsimiles in different lighting, family-friendly activities and workshops, 3D cinema, augmented reality entertainment, wildlife park etc.
On the other hand there’s Lascaux II. The exact copy of the famous cave has attracted over 10 million visitors! Guided tours (scientifically approved) give you an insight into an amazing site and its 17,000 year old artworks.
Get a thrill at two incredible sites…. Get the most out of your trip !


Experience it with the family !

Visit Le Thot, the Prehistory Centre…countless activities available from February to December: a temporal mirror in augmented reality, a 3D cartoon about climatology, interactive games and kids workshops: painting in a cave setting, oil lamp-making, an introduction to archaeological digs and even thruster shooting.
Entertainment, children’s workshops, sensory experiences, wildlife park…jam-packed with fun !

Amazing food and drink !

Make the most of your trip to Lascaux to try the Périgord’s hearty and honest food and drink. As soon as you arrive you’ll hear about foie gras, duck breast, black truffle, cep mushrooms and Périgord nuts… The produce is showcased by famous recipes such as Périgueux Sauce and Sarladaise potatoes which have recently been highlighted by UNESCO … Bon appétit ! 


International benchmark !

Explore the world’s first facsimile, the first UNESCO World Heritage cave.
Lascaux cave is a prehistoric masterpiece in the Dordogne in the town of Montignac in the heart of the Périgord Noir. It’s a timeless and universal work among the greatest creations in humanity. Since the world-famous Lascaux cave closed in 1963, it has seen its own facsimile open (Lascaux 2) and attract over 10 million visitors since 1983 and a touring exhibition (Lascaux 3) that’s been around the world since 2012: Bordeaux, Brussels, Paris, Geneva, Chicago, Houston, Montreal then South Korea and Japan.


See you soon !




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