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Posté le 22 August 2016 par L'équipe Lascaux

Lascaux cave is relatively small...

Lascaux cave is relatively small: none of its galleries are more than 250m long with a 30m difference in altitude but there’s a huge number of paintings !

Here’s a quick summary of the areas found in this legendary cave…

Hall of the Bulls has the most amazing Lascaux designs. Its walls feature often huge paintings: some are up to 5m long. Two rows of aurochs face each other. Two aurochs on the north side are joined by a dozen horses and a large mysterious animal with two lines on the forehead which have seen it called the “unicorn”. On the south side, three large aurochs appear next to three small red ones, six small stags and the only bear in the cave on top of one of the aurochs’ stomachs and hard to see.

The Axial Gallery also has cattle and horses with stags and ibexes. A fleeing horse appears in manganese pencil 2.5m from the ground. Some animals are painted on the ceiling and look like they roll from one wall to the next. Countless symbols appear with these images (sticks, dots and rectangles).

The Passageway has significantly deteriorated due to circulating air.

The Nave has four groups of figures: the panel of the imprint, the great black cow, the swimming stags and the crossed bison. These images include enigmatic geometrical shapes such as colourful checkerboards.

The Chamber of Felines owes its name to a group of cats. It’s very hard to reach and has fairly naïve engravings of wildlife. There are also other animals paired with symbols including a picture of a horse seen head-on which is unique in cave art as animals tend to be depicted from the side.

The Apse has over a thousand engravings of animals and symbols including some on top of paintings. It has the only reindeer in Lascaux.

The Shaft is where you’ll find the most mysterious scene in Lascaux: a man with a bird’s head and erection opposite a bison disembowelled by a spear; next to him there’s a bird on top of a long item, maybe a thruster, and on the left there’s a rhinoceros in the distance. A horse appears on the opposite wall.

Please note that you can visit the Hall of the Bulls and Axial Gallery at Lascaux 2, 40% of the cave…

Go on an adventure with a virtual tour of Lascaux cave and explore everything this Dordogne gem has to offer !


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