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Lascaux and its mysteries...the Unicorn

Posté le 29 August 2016 par L'équipe Lascaux


The Lascaux cave in Dordogne is made up of a series of...

The Lascaux cave in Dordogne is made up of a series of underground rooms and galleries containing several sections decorated with wall paintings.

These are usually situated between 20,000 and 17,000 BCE.

To this day its discovery remains a watershed in our knowledge of cave art.

As soon as one enters the Hall of the Bulls, the eye is attracted to a strangely shaped animal. A sort of feline. But a slightly magic feline with its two straight horns… It was given the name of Unicorn.

From its prominent position, the Unicorn seems to push all the other animals on the wall to the back of the gallery. The figure has flowing lines, a square head, protruding withers, an enlarged belly, strong legs… All the characteristics of a feline !

However, its immense horns make it a third larger than any feline, classifying it in the category of fantastical animals.

Many interpretations have been put forward, but the unicorn still remains unexplained…

A very strange animal that calls itself to your attention as soon as you enter the cave…


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