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Better than school !

Posté le 08 April 2016 par L'équipe Lascaux

"This Wednesday is a special day for me: I’m spending my afternoon at Le Thot..."

"This Wednesday is a special day for me: I’m spending my afternoon at Le Thot. Le Thot is a site that helps me understand cave art. There are lots of activities for this! First the time mirror and the chance to meet augmented reality “almost real” prehistoric animals. A 3D film explains the evolution of the climate over 2 million years and an exhibition hall shows the different tools used by Cro-Magnon, like flint, the grease lamp and plenty of other things… We can also see the Lascaux paintings under different lights and discover the engravings with black light. It’s really impressive!

But today I’m really here to participate in a workshop: it’s on cave art! A workshop to paint on the walls. With the same techniques as Cro-Magnon, we learn to draw animals that lived with our ancestors: mammoth, bison, aurochs, deer. Our instructor shows us how to use brushes and a natural fibre swab to colour the wall with different coloured natural pigments. I like this workshop a lot. It’s not just drawing on a wall. You have to think about where to put the animal. The shapes of the wall are really important then. What I like most is drawing aurochs and using the relief to make the head and horns stand out! We draw but at the same time we’re learning a lot of things about life then, the animals… And I really like that period of history.

Anyway we have fun and learn at the same time. It’s better than at school.
Oh and I forgot! There’s a park around the site. You can see some of the animals of that time, like bison, deer, or aurochs… After painting them in the cave… It’s cool to see them living in their natural habitat."


Balthazar – 9 years old



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