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Posté le 03 October 2016 par L'équipe Lascaux

The values, main principles and personality of Lascaux

Lascaux… What is it ? The values, main principles and personality of Lascaux


Where do I come from ?

I am heir to the Lascaux cave. I am the world emblem of the first discoveries of cave art. I am heir to one of the most important archaeological discoveries of the 20th century in all its artistic, anthropological and emotional aspects.

Who am I ?

I am the reference in Cave Art as well as a witness to its influences and the collective evidence left by this singular moving vision of the beginnings of humanity. I therefore witness the permanent questioning connected to it.

What makes me unique ?

I am Lascaux, the great prehistoric site of travellers, tourists and enthusiasts, because no other site brings together so many artistic, scientific and digital experiences nor as much legitimacy on cave art, anywhere in the world. Visiting me provides an unprecedented, moving and playful confrontation with our human past, present and future.

What is my fight ?

From this fight will emerge the pride of belonging to a community of fans, followers and other social media faithful, all of them Lascaux enthusiasts and buffs. I fight to offer a journey of the senses to the deepest roots of humanity.


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