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The Nave of Le Thot - the black light

Posté le 31 October 2016 par L'équipe Lascaux

Located in Thonac (about 7 km from Montignac), Le Thot park is...

Le Thot – Espace Cro-Magnon

Located in Thonac (about 7 km from Montignac), le Thot park is not far from the Lascaux II replica. Spread over several acres in the middle of the countryside, this site that opened to the public in 1972 intends to present a wide range of cave art, but also to show (and meet) the living animals represented in cave art.

You will discover the five major facsimiles of the paintings in the gallery of the Nave of Lascaux that are not present in Lascaux II (as well as the Shaft Scene, with the only human representation to be found in the cave). You will also be able to walk in the park and compare the animals painted at Lascaux with their living descendants (aurochs, Tarpan and Przewalski horses, bison)…

Revealing the Lascaux engravings

Using a play of light, different realisations of the works of Lascaux are projected on three panels (the Black Cow, the Panel of the Imprint, the Frieze of the Stags). This “animation” allows for a better understanding of the artistic process of our ancestors.

The paintings appear in a flickering light similar to that produced by the grease lamps they used. By alternating with black light, the fluorescent paint applied in the grooves of the engraving appears.

In this way these “hidden images” reveal the hunters’ capacity for observation and their talent for minutely reproducing the anatomy and movements of these animals.


Thanks to the fluorescent light projected on the engravings, you can make out a wonderful minuet of little horses behind the famous Black Cow.


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