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Waiting for Christmas

Posté le 07 November 2016 par L'équipe Lascaux

Prepare for the Lascaux experience !

Episode 1 - Visits

Using new technologies to enrich visitor experience


For the first time, all of Lascaux is revealed. A complete new replica retraces the discovery of the famous decorated cave. But that’s not the end of the adventure: the entire site inquires into the position that Lascaux occupies in cave art and its relation to contemporary creation. The opening of the International Centre for Cave Art marks the beginning of a new adventure combining the emotion of ancestral art and an important technological achievement.


The complete replica of the original cave is the culmination of three years of work in the Perigord Facsimile Studio. This new space welcomes visitors, inviting them to contemplate the works and experience the authentic emotion felt at the discovery of the cave, to observe, to enquire into the reasons for its existence and to reflect on the environmental and cultural context in which it was decorated.


The architecture of the International Centre forms an integral part of the visitor’s experience: a half-buried building at the foot of the Lascaux hill, it is perfectly integrated into the landscape. A gigantic glass front invites the public to visit a universe firmly focused on technological prowess.

Starting with its shape: there are no straight walls, a tangle of rooms with atypical shapes leads the visitor to the heart of a building of 8,000 sq m. A fault running its whole length evokes a gash in the hill or a prehistoric stratum recalling the passage of time.Continuing with its content: the various spaces with their uncluttered style and modern aesthetics contain the latest digital tools (enhanced reality, 3D screens, etc.). They incite the public all through the visit to enjoy an immersive and personalized experience.




Professional guides will accompany groups of 30 persons (commencing every six minutes) from the site’s welcome desk (where digital tour companions are distributed) to the exit of the complete reproduction of the cave. Additional guides will be present in all theme rooms to answer questions and impart information to enrich the Lascaux tour.



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