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Waiting for Christmas

Posté le 14 November 2016 par L'équipe Lascaux

Prepare for the Lascaux experience !

Episode 2 - Belvédère and Shelter

Accompanied by a guide and a tour companion (interactive digital tablet providing information determined by onsite localisation, in 11 languages, including the major European ones) visitors to the International Centre access the roof of the building by means of a lift.

From the belvedere overlooking the Vézère Valley, listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, visitors are free to take in the view with their tablets. When the landscape is scanned a virtual reality map appears, pinpointing in particular the location of all surrounding major archaeological sites open to the public.


Next, visitors are invited to enter a shelter where they place themselves in front of a screen. The image of the Lascaux hill appears through this canvas as if one was looking out a window. The live image takes the visitor on a virtual trip outside, changing the landscape according to the hour and the season.

Time travel can now begin. The giant screen gives us a view of the Vézère Valley almost 20,000 years ago when the landscape of Lascaux was totally different from today, and looked like a steppe dominated by animals. Another leap and we fast forward to 1940. The landscape changes. A group of four adolescents crosses the screen. They head off on an adventure in the woods of Lascaux and invite the public to follow them.


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