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Waiting for Christmas

Posté le 21 November 2016 par L'équipe Lascaux

Prepare for the Lascaux experience !

Episode 3 - The Cave

The replica represents the whole of the original cave accessible to the public, reproduced with the techniques and the art of the Perigord Facsimile Studio (PFS) and the Artistic Concrete Atelier (AAB).

Inside the replica, the atmosphere is like a real cave. It is cool and dark. Sounds are muffled. Visitors can appreciate the splendour of the works in an authentic atmosphere with very few interruptions. This space is dedicated to contemplation.

Groups of no more than 32 visitors accompanied by a guide ensure that each visitor’s experience will be as personalised as possible. During the time devoted to contemplation of the walls, the guide will accompany the group and provide information to enrich the visitor’s knowledge of the site.


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