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Waiting for Christmas

Posté le 28 November 2016 par L'équipe Lascaux

Prepare for the Lascaux experience !

Episode 4 - The Lascaux Studio

Eight large walls of the cave are reproduced in this space where visitors are free to circulate. All the cave’s major works are represented: “Two Crossed Bison”, “The Great Black Cow”, “The Panel of the Imprint”, “The Apse”, “The Shaft Scene”, “The Axial Gallery”, “The Upside-Down Horse” and “The Hall of the Bulls”. In enhanced reality, visitors find information on the various representations, techniques and interpretations.


In this immense hall, four different displays are on offer :


The model : discover the cave in a completely original way with virtual reality! Using the tour companion, visitors can scan the surface of this model to see the works located at various points inside the cave.

The art experience : with the same tools and techniques used by Palaeolithic humans, visitors can create their own works of art virtually. This space shows everything one needs to know for understanding the techniques, tools and choices of these artists.

A fragile balance : how did the cave survive the passage of time? Why was it closed to the public? How can we continue to preserve it on a daily basis? All these questions that you ask yourself are answered in a new immersive experience made possible by the latest technologies.

The Lascaux objects : here you can handle the objects found during archaeological dig sand learn more about them. A number of different objects are assembled on an animated table like an archaeologist’s. A video provides information on these finds and the dating techniques used for understanding Lascaux. Two touch-screens placed on the edge of the table present an interactive chronology showing Lascaux’s place in the history of humanity.



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