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Waiting for Christmas

Posté le 12 December 2016 par L'équipe Lascaux

Prepare for the Lascaux experience !

Episode 6 - 3D Cinema

Wearing 3D glasses, visitors take seats facing two giant screens. A multi-screen 3D film proposes a unique visit of the Lascaux cave. The first screen shows images made from 3D surveys of the original cave. The second presents scenes of other decorated caves around the world. In this way, the audience can get a close look at the works.

This commented film entitled “Lascaux and the World” takes the audience to the heart of the Hall of the Bulls, the Axial Gallery, the Passage, the Nave, the Apse and the Shaft…and features the world’s different decorated caves, with their animal representations and signs…Get ready for a strikingly realistic experience.


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