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Lascaux in Japan

Posté le 02 November 2016 par L'équipe Lascaux

The exhibition in the land of the rising sun

The now famous exhibition Lascaux is at the National Museum for Sciences in Tokyo until February 19th, 2017.



Visitors will get the opportunity to travel through this excceptional heritage and to live the Lascaux experience because the replicas of 5 pannels of the cave are presented to the public (the Imprint, the back to back bisons, the black cow, the swimming stags and the pit).

No less than 150 exceptional items (lended by french museums) present the treasures of Dordogne. They will surely tempt our japanese neighbours to come and discover the universe of Lascaux at Montignac in the International Center for Cave Art.

The exhibition will travel across Japan via Tohoku and Fukuoka museums until the end of 2017.




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