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New arrivals !

Posté le 12 April 2016 par L'équipe Lascaux

Two new young “residents” have arrived at Le Thot animal park !

Two new young “residents” have arrived at Le Thot animal park !

Two weeks ago two 1-year-old bison from North America received a warm welcome.

2016 is a year full of excitement. With this good news comes news of a birth: a baby aurochs joined the thirty other animals in the park in early March.
We went to see the mother and daughter to take photos !

For the time being the baby aurochs weighs only 45 kilos but her adult weight will reach more than 500 kilos.

The mother’s period of gestation lasted nine months. Both are in fine form.

Very active and playful, the young aurochs is easy to see even under the fierce guardianship of its mother that it follows like a shadow.


The baby will quickly grow to adult size so don’t wait too long to come see them at Le Thot park !


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