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Lascaux in China !

Posté le 30 October 2017 par L'équipe Lascaux

Lascaux III : Good bye Japan… Say hello to China !

Lascaux in China !

After beating records of attendance in Tokyo, The International Exhibition of Lascaux will be moving to China at the end of the year.


More than 1,2 million people saw this exhibition.


Lascaux 3 is writing its own beautiful story. This travelling exhibition about the facsimiles from the famous Lascaux cave of Montignac, is successful wherever it takes place. Since its launching in October of 2012 in Bordeaux, the exhibition travelled around the world : Chicago, Houston, Montreal, Brussels, Paris, Geneva, Seoul, and currently, Tokyo, welcoming more than 1,2 million visitors.

In the sole Japanese capital, more than 200.000 visitors came to appreciate this masterpiece of the cave art. Last 18th of January, the emperor Akihito, his wife Michiko and their son came on site. Set up since the 31st of October, the exhibition will move at the end of march to another site in Japan in Tokohu and then, still in Japan, in Fukuoka in July.


And now, China !

At the end of this year, this famous facsimile will be moving to China, more precisely to the Shanghai Science Museum. Some enhancements could be done : adding some panels from the Bulls’ Room or the Axial Gallery. More colourful than those currently in the exhibition.


We are working on it. We will keep you updated, of course !


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