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Lascaux and its mysteries…The Birdman

Posté le 13 June 2016 par L'équipe Lascaux


The only man portrayed in Lascaux is...

The only man portrayed in Lascaux is in the shaft, the least accessible and most secret place in the cave.


What a picture !

Compared to the stunning images of animals almost all over the walls, this man is painted with a few simple strokes, a bird’s head, penis and 4 fingered hands…

There’s a bird on a staff near him. Opposite there’s a disembowelled bison.

It’s one of few cave art scenes painted at a depth of over 5m in a spot which you can’t naturally reach… 

Note the clear similarity between the man’s head and the bird’s. And there are no “wounds” on the body…


It he a shaman ? A guide ? A god ?

Some say he’s dreaming or playing dead...


What do you think ?


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