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Pedagogical activities

History in practice !


All year round, the Lascaux II and Le Thot sites propose numerous pedagogical activities; from the presentation of cave art to the techniques used by Cro-Magnon. Immerse yourself in the history of our civilisation at our prestigious sites.

You may be confident in the scientific validity of these activities based on a playful pedagogical approach to cave art. They will heighten awareness among the young and not so young of Cro-Magnon’s daily life, history and environment.


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Discover the five main replicas from the gallery of the Nave at Lascaux (“the Black Cow”, the “Frieze of the Stags”, the “Confronted Bison”, the “Panel of the Imprint”, the “Panel of the Ibexes”) absent from Lascaux II, as well as the Shaft Scene with the cave’s only human representation. These replicas highlight the engravings using a play of black light.

Le Thot also proposes an augmented reality activity: the time mirror. This new technology takes you directly into the past to meet extinct species like the cave lion, the mammoth, the megaloceros or the woolly rhinoceros…and reserves many other surprises.

A 3D film describes the lives of our ancestors during the last ice age. It explains climate changes from the appearance of the first men (2.5 million years ago) to the time of Lascaux (20,000 years ago). It shows the evolutions in landscapes, migration of animals, water levels.

An interactive quiz located at the site’s entrance gives visitors an opportunity to test their knowledge of prehistory…A chance to compete with your family or friends.

A walk in the animal park provides the opportunity to compare the species depicted on the walls of Lascaux with their living descendants.


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Cave art: participants realize animal frescoes similar to those of Lascaux II in a reconstituted cave. The instructor presents the materials to be used: brushes made of plant matter, pieces of animal fur, mineral colours (ochres, manganese dioxide) and the gestures of the Magdalenian artists: drawing, dabbing, blowing. The instructor adapts painting techniques to the students’ level.

Introduction to archaeological digs: experimental excavation teaches students the classic methods employed for digs. The results allow students to draw conclusions such as the use of tools or the organisation of inhabited areas. The instructor gives each student an excavation survey sheet to complete. The teacher is given a summary of all the surveys at the end of the workshop for further study in class.

Spear throwing: this workshop is devoted to the main hunting technique used during the Upper Palaeolithic. After an explanation of the use and the role of this hunting weapon used by Cro-Magnon, students can try their skill on targets with the spear-thrower.

Manufacture of a grease lamp and demonstration of lighting a fire: the objective here is to fashion a piece of soft stone with buffers and flint tools. Each student takes home the grease lamp he makes and decorates. At the end of the workshop, the instructor demonstrates the lighting of a fire by percussion.


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