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An exceptional jewel: the only geologlcal cave in Dordogne on the UNESCO world heritage list.


Discover on April 29th, 1924 by Jean Maury, the Grand Roc cave was opened to the public in 1927.
It opens halfway up an impressive cliff overlooking the Vézère Valley at Les Eyzies.

One walks through a veritable mineral forest formed by an impressive variety and density of crystallisations rarely equalled in other caves. In places flowstone carpets the floor. Stalactites, some delicate, some imposing and translucent, hang from the ceiling. Stalagmites sprout from the floor, sometimes meeting to form columns. One is also struck by all the excentric deposits and curtains enhanced by a light intensifying the concretions’ colours.

Come discover this veritable mineral “ fairyland”, one of the Perigord’s great sites not to be missed.

Take advantage of the Grand Roc – Laugerie-Basse twin ticket at a special reduced rate to visit the Laugerie-Basse rock shelters located only a few metres away.

Interior : guided tours only - 40 minutes

A prehistoric archaeological site on the UNESCO World Heritage list


Just a short distance from the Grand Roc cave, in Les Eyzies de Tayac, the Laugerie Basse rock shelters
This prehistoric site dating from 15,000 BC to 10,000 BC, has served as a reference for pre-historians the world over. The many archaeological vestiges discovered here bear witness to unparalleled cultural and artistic activity in the region, and in Europe. The exceptional variety of the many decorated objects perfectly illustrates the quality of the drawings of prehistoric “modern” humans.

The family visit allowing you to discover all the richness of this site begins with a 3D video projection describing its main features (geology, archaeology, lifestyles and symbolic expression): an opportunity to get a closer view from every angle of the objects that make Laugerie-Basse famous.
Then using an interactive tablet (at extra charge), young and old are invited to carry out an amusing virtual archaeological dig to discover this site in enhanced reality just as it was thousands of years ago.

Outdoor tour – No time limit
Unaccompanied tour of the Laugerie Basse shelter. Optional rental of digital tablets at the welcome desk


Combined ticket !

Guided tours of the Grand Roc cave and unaccompanied tours of the two Laugerie-Basse shelters (both are UNESCO world heritage sites) at a special reduced rate. Plan your visit to Grand Roc and discover Laugerie-Basse at your convenience. (Tickets are valid for a single entry until the end of the calendar year).
Choose the combined ticket and discover the secrets of a cliff that is a trip back in time. Do not buy tickets from a stranger. There is no guarantee of their validity.

• This ticket will be checked electronically on arrival at the site.
• Only the first person presenting the ticket will be admitted. Proof of your identity may also be requested.

• This ticket is personal and nominative. It cannot be exchanged or refunded.
• Tickets must be printed on white A4 paper. When not possible they may also be presented on a mobile device.

• The bar code must be complete and legible, partly printed, soiled, damaged or illegible documents will not be accepted.



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Cadouin abbey is situated in a hemmed small valley of the Bessède forest between the river Dordogne and the river Couze, halfway between Sarlat and Bergerac.

Founded in 1115, the remains of these times are the abbey church and the roman basis of the monastery buildings.

In 1119, Cadouin becomes Cistercian in relation with Pontigny abbey, one of the 4 descendants of Citeaux. The flamboyant gothic cloister was built in the late 15th c. The monastery activity of Cadouin was stopped during the French Revolution in 1790.

Over ten centuries of History make Cadouin a universal, unchanged and serene place.

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Biron castle is one of the four baronies in Périgord with Bourdeilles, Beynac and Mareuil.

For over 1000 years, the Gontaut-Biron family owned the south of the Périgord. Biron is a lesson in architecture showing different buildings still testifying today not only to the bygone power of the family but also to the extraordinary talent and inspiration of the best builders of all times.

One can read three stages in the development of the castle from the 12th to the 18th c. : the medieval part around which the second part was built in the 16th c. and the third one at the very end of the same century that nearly supplanted it.


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Bourdeilles castle is one of the 4 baronies in Périgord with Biron, Beynac and Mareuil.

The first traces of Bourdeilles date back a fortified town, in 1183, that took in monks with the relics of Saint-Sicaire. For several centuries, torn apart between the Crowns of France and of England, Bourdeilles castle went through many political and
religious storms.

Defensive in the beginning, many times coveted, scene of bloody epics, freed from the English and given back to the Earl of Périgord by Duguesclin, Bourdeilles is also an attractive castle tesifying to a new elegant art of living.

Exceptional collection of furniture unique in France

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