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Visit Information

Practical Informations

  • Duration of the visit : about 2h30
    • 1 hour with a guide
    • About 1h / 1h30 on your own
  • Temperature inside the cave : 54°F / A part of the visit is outside.
  • The visit on your own cannot be done before the guided tour of the cave. It is compulsory to respect the time for the visit.
  • Any exit is one for all (no catering during the visit circuit).
  • No pictures allowed in the cave (allowed in the "workshop" area where the paintings have been reproduced again).
  • Small pets carried in a bag are allowed.
  • Strollers prohibited in the cave but allowed in the open tour (possibility to leave them in the lockers room) / baby carriers allowed.
  • Wheelchair loan (subject to availability).
  • The tour is guided and takes place in silence. Dear parents of toddlers feel free to alternate your visits. 

The belvedere

The belvedere offers a wonderful
panorama of the valley and enables
you to get to know Lascaux
geographical environment better.
The tour starts outdoors, these
conditions are close to the ones
in 1940 when four boys
discovered the cave.

The rock shelter

Inside the rock shelter starts
your journey back to the past.


The theatre

The theatre presents a modern play in 3 acts:
the Renaissance and discovery of cave art in Europe;
the 20th century and the interpretations made by
archeologists thanks to their discoveries;
the 21st century and prehistoric research.


The art galery

This part of the museum makes a connection
between cave art and modern art. Above your
heads 90 screens with pictures and masterpieces.
You can create your own exhibition selecting
different images that become visible.


Temporary exhibition

This place is dedicated to an artist.


The cinema

Cave art uses every nook and
cranny. Explore the Lascaux
cave in 3D and compare it with
other cave art and rock wonders
around the planet.


The workshop

This place gives you learning
material thanks to digital
technology. The walls of the
cave separate before you and
deliver its secrets.


The cave

The Lascaux cave is a very
accurate copy. You will come
upon mind-blowing paintings
and engravings and rapt with


The shop

Discover a large range
of books on prehistory and art.


The restaurant

Enjoy Lascaux
and its local cuisine.

1 : The belvedere
2 : The rock shelter
3 : The cave
4 : The workshop
5 : The theatre
6 : The cinema
7 : The art galery
8 : Temporary exhibition
9 : The shop
10 :The restaurant