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General information

The 4 Lascaux : what differences ?

Lascaux : the original cave (discovered in september 1940 and closed to the public in 1963).

Lascaux II : first replica of the original cave (opened in 1983 – 90% of the paintings of Lascaux). An authentic and detailed guided visit (1h15mn) the first part of which starts with a torch light.

Lascaux III : exhibition travelling all over the world and giving visitors abroad the opportunity to discover parts of the paintings of Lascaux.

Lascaux 4 a.k.a. Lascaux International Center (opened in 2016). 1h guided visit in the replica of the entire cave + visit on your own with an audioguide to get extra information about Lascaux, the paintings, the engravings and its bound with modern art.


Is it worth visiting a replica ?

The original cave has been closed to the public since 1963. The making of replicas enabled to share that undisputed heritage.

Lascaux 4 and Lascaux II are the faithful replicas of the original cave, as much for the cave dimensions as for the accurateness of the paintings and engravings.

Why such an architecture for the building ?

Snøhetta, a Norwegian architecture company gave the building a shape evocating a rockshelter the indoor part of which is enlighted at night.

Ticket office

Until when can I buy tickets online?

Online ticket booking is available until 1 HOUR before your visit !

May I buy a ticket on spot or do I have to book online ?

If you cannot or do not wish to buy tickets online, you may get them at the ticket office during opening times (subject to availability).

However, we strongly advise you to book online to avoid large files at the ticket office during high season.

Are there any discounted rates?

Discounted rates upon justification : unemployed people, disabled people and students (college and university). No concession for seniors.

Shall I get a ticket for a child under 5?

Children under 5 get in for free but they need a free ticket.

How can I pay ?

On spot : cash or credit card (no AmEx).

Is it possible to cancel or change my ticket?

No, tickets are neither changed nor refunded.

Do I have to print my e-tickets?

You can either print them or download them on your smartphone. From 5 tickets on you are requested to print them.

The visit

How long is the visit ?

1h guided visit in the replica of the entire cave + visit on your own with an audioguide.

Is the visit at Lascaux 4 suitable for toddlers?

Toddlers are allowed but we would like to draw your attention on the fact that the visit being in a cave and with a group of people silence is required.

Do I have to visit Le Thot on the same day?

No, you may use the ticket any time any day during the current year.

Is the visit at Lascaux 4 always guided?

It is always guided during the first hour in the replica then it is self-guided in the museum part.

Please note that you will not be allowed to interrupt the visit to go out and get food.

What time is the last admission?

The last admission is 2 hours before closing time.

Are there visits in foreign languages?

Guided visits in English are scheduled every day. Guided tours in German, Dutch, Spanish and Italian are available in high season.

Useful information : the audioguides for the museum part after the cave are available in 9 languages : English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese.

Can I take pictures in the cave?

Apart from the guided tour in the cave, you may take pictures in the museum area where large copies of the paintings are shown.

What is the temperature like inside the cave at Lascaux International Center?

The temperature inside the cave is between 13° and 15°C. Therefore we advise you to take a warm piece of clothing during the visit.

Is Lascaux 4 suitable for disabled persons? Can I borrow a wheelchair at Lascaux 4?

The whole visit is suitable for disabled persons.

A lift takes you up on the roof of the building. There is a slight slope (13 to 14 %) during the whole visit circuit. When you exit the cave, the visit is not guided, the floor is flat all over.

Wheelchairs are available for free. Please book ahead at +335 53 50 99 10 (upon availability). An ID card will be requested as a deposit.

Is Lascaux 4 suitable for pushchairs and baby carriers?

The first part of the visit in the replica of the cave is not suitable for pushchairs but they are allowed in the museum area.

Baby carriers are allowed during the whole visit.

Are pets allowed?

Small pets (5 kg max.) carried in a bag are allowed.

Acces & facilities

Where to park at Lascaux VI International Center ? Is it a paid car park ?

There are 2 free parkings P1 and P2 at the public disposal located near the entrance, and one parking P3 exclusively dedicated to coaches and buses.

Is there a campervans area? Are the visitors allowed to stay there at night?

Campervans can park on Parking P2 on a defined area however they are not allowed to remain at night. A list of campervan sites is available at Montignac tourist information center.

Is there a restaurant at Lascaux IV or is it possible to have a picnic on the site?

Lascaux IV International Center has a restaurant which is open all day. Please note that you will not be allowed to eat or to have a snack during visit circuit. Permission is given for picnic outside the two entrance doorways and on the belvedere.

Parc du Thot offers the visitors a large half-indoor picnic area with a view on animals. There is a great choice of restaurants in Montignac and its neighborhood.

Is Lascaux IV equipped with a baby changing area and with a food or bottle warmer?

You will find a nursery at Lascaux IV but no special facility to warm babies‘bottles or food.

Professionals and groups

From how many people does the group rate apply ?

The group rate applies from 20 paying people. It is highly recommended to book in advance either by email at or by phone at (from Monday to Friday from 9 a to 5.30 pm).

We are coming by bus. Is the driver eligible for free admission?

When travelling by bus, the driver and the accompanying person are our guests and they benefit from free admission to the site visited by the group.

Is there a charge for parking a bus?

No, access and parking are free of charge at both Lascaux International Center and Le Thot sites.

I would like to have the site privatized. Is that possible?

For any special request, please contact us on 05 53 05 65 65 66.