frequently asked questions

Is the booking compulsory?
To avoid waiting on site and to ensure your admission, we strongly suggest that you buy your tickets in advance at our online ticket office at

How do I receive my tickets?
Once your purchase done, your tickets are sent directly to the mailbox you used to make the purchase. Remember to check your spam folder!

Why only one name on all the tickets?
The tickets you have sent by e-mail are produced according to the name of the purchaser. Therefore, there is no worry if the people with you have a different name.  

Can I book my tickets online and pay after on site?
All the reservations have to be validated by a payment on the website. There is one simple different way to make your purchase: credit card.

What are the prohibited items?
Aerosol cans of all kinds (for water aerosols, please note that you will be asked to test them in front of the safety agent), bags and suitcases of more than 15 litres, any dangerous object (cutter, knife, gas bottle, etc.).

Can I bring my pet?
All pets are prohibited on the site except guide dogs.

What is the difference between Lascaux IV and Lascaux II?
Lascaux IV Centre International de l'Art Pariétal (International Centre for Cave Art) is the complete facsimile of the original cave. You will discover the complete replica but also the International Centre where you will learn more about the painting techniques, the preservation of the original Lascaux, the link between Cave Art and Contemporary Art, etc.
Lascaux II, opened in 1983, is the first cave reproduction in the world and reproduces life-size and in three dimensions the most spectacular part of Lascaux: the Hall of the Bulls and the Axial Recess, those two rooms containing 90% of the paintings of the cave. The facsimile takes place inside a huge concrete blockhouse, buried in the woods two hundred meters far from the original cave. We offer there a classical cave tour.

Are my tickets valid all day?
It is not possible, because the tickets are time-stamped. We therefore ask you to respect your day and hour of visit.

If a scenographic space (except the cave itself) is closed, does it extend a reduction in price?                                                                                                
No, a room closure (technical problem, maintenance, etc.) does not result in any reduction. In all cases, the tour remains guided and of the same duration therefore without affecting the quality of the visit offered.

Is it possible to visit Lascaux IV freely?
The tour is obligatorily in the presence of one of our guides during 1h30.

What is the length of the tour?
The tour lasts 1h30. Due to COVID-19, the visit tour is currently and until further notice revamped. The resulting sanitary conditions imposed the temporary closure of the theatre and the movie to the public.

How far in advance do I need to arrive earlier?
If you have previously purchased your ticket online, you are asked to arrive at least 20 minutes in advance. If you buy your tickets in Lascaux IV, please schedule enough time for your on-site purchase and your Covid certificate control.

Can I eat on the spot?
Yes, there is one restaurant on site: Le Café Lascaux. We do not offer a picnic aera on site. Food and beverages are prohibited in the building.

What is the temperature in the facsimile?
The temperature is 13°C in the cave and a part of the visit takes place outside. Don’t forget to plan a pullover!  

Can I take pictures in the facsimile?
Pictures are not allowed in the facsimile. However, you have complete freedom to take your pictures in the Lascaux workshop or outside.  

Can we have a visit with a baby?
Yes, you can.  Nonetheless, strollers are not allowed.   

Do you have car parks nearby? Are they paid car parks?
You can park for free in the P1 and P2 car parks.

I am a person with reduced mobility, can I visit?
Yes, the tour of Lascaux IV is entirely designed and adapted to people with reduced mobility or people with walking difficulties.

Are there parking spaces for people with reduced mobility?
Yes, we have dedicated parking spaces on the P1 car park.

Can I park my motorhomes?
The P2 car park is specifically dedicated to the parking of motorhomes. However, the P1 car park is only for buses.

Are there charging points for electric cars?
Lascaux is committed to limiting its ecological impact and offers its visitors important guarantees such as charging points for electric cars. You will find them in the P2 car park.

Lascaux IV